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Gun Type. Try Quick Search by Caliber. TulAmmo - 7. Wolf Ammunition - 7. Tulammo UL Centerfire Rifle 7. Wolf 7. Tula 7. FMJ Ammo. Tula Cartridge Works 7. Barnaul 7. Temporary Sale - Round Case - 7. Great for several different shooting applications, the 7. Brown Bear is one of Russia's premium ammunition manufacturers, making accurate, reliable, and noncorrosive ammo and offering it at an amazing price. Deriving their name from the lacquered steel casings they produce, Brown Bear ammo is a great choice for affordable shooting. Firing at feet per second, these grain soft point rounds are suitable for the range as well as hunting applications.

Each bullet is pressed into a Berdan primed steel casing that is lacquer coated and non-reloadable.

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Manufactured by Golden Bear to the highest of standards with a Berdan primer and Grain bullet, the quality components come together and add up to a round that's great for hunting whitetail deer, plinking at the range. You'll get 20 rounds shipped fast when you order this today.

An excellent choice if you're in search of a great 7. With this package, you'll receive 20 rounds ready to fire. Plus, you know it'll come fast from our warehouse to your door because we know shooting ammo is a lot more fun than looking at it online or waiting on delivery!

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This ammo was designed for less-than-lethal use, however, this ammo could still cause serious injury or death under certain uses and scenarios. One such scenario is using it in close proximity to your target. Be sure to handle a shotgun, rifle or pistol that is loaded with less-than-lethal ammunition in the same way you would any other. Manufactured by Golden Bear to the highest of standards with a Berdan primer and Grain bullet, the quality components come together and add up to a round that's great for plinking at the range.

Your search for quality SKS ammo is finally over! With Fiocchi's 7. As Italy's oldest weapons and ammunition manufacturer, Fiocchi has a reputation like none other. After all these years, Fiocchi is still owned by the original family, and has expanded to other countries, including the United States. Unlike your typical SKS ammo, these Fiocchi rounds are brass cased, boxer primed, and reloadable. Firing at the lighting speed of feet per second, these grain, FMJ rounds are perfect for range training.

Whether you're planning on doing a lot of shooting at once or saving it for later, this deal on rounds puts you well on your way for either path. Hurry and snatch up this deal before it runs out! Developed in the Soviet Union for the AK, this round has been used widely by armies across the globe. This version of the 7. This makes it an effective round for hunting in woods and brush. The exposed soft point gives the bullet uniform expansion while delivering effective penetration.

Prvi Partizan is a leader in the ammunition industry. They create over different rounds, including three types of ammo for the 7. With a wide variety of ammunition reloading tools and supplies, they are a go-to choice for many hunters and recreational shooters across the globe. If you like to reload for your AK or SKS, or simply want to shoot at an indoor range that won't allow steel-cased ammo, these brass cased 7. Packaged in an economical case of , these rounds fire a grain full metal jacket bullet and produce typical ballistics for this caliber. This ammunition is loaded in South Korea and uses non-corrosive Boxer primers.

All of the components are made in-house to ensure optimal quality control. If you're looking for high quality, extremely precise, and incredibly reliable ammo, you have come to the right place. As the oldest weapons and ammunition manufacturer in Italy, Fiocchi has built a reputation of being one of the very best ammunition manufacturers in the world. Instead of getting cheap Russian or Eastern European ammo for your SKS, grab a 20 round pack of these brass cased, boxer primed, reloadable ammunition.

With plants in America and still owned and managed by the founding family, you can't go wrong with these fantastic grain, full metal jacket, range training rounds from the oldest ammunition manufacturer in Italy! In addition to being highly reliable, these cartridges are useful if you plan to shoot your AK or SKS indoors where steel-cased ammo may not always be permitted due to its magnetic properties.

Best of all, the brass can be reloaded! Each cartridge in this box of 20 fires a grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2, feet per second. Poongsan, the maker of PMC ammo, is one of the largest suppliers of the South Korean military and produces all of its components in-house to maintain tight quality controls.

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If you opt to feed your AK with ammo that's shelf-stable, reloadable, and non-corrosive then look no further than these 7. Unlike surplus imports, these American-made cartridges use brass casings that can be processed and hand-loaded after expenditure.

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Each casing has a clean-igniting Boxer primer that won't harm your barrel with metal-deteriorating elements. Federal guards the primer's edges with water-repelling sealant in order to increase dependable storage life. Each casing is crimped to the knurled cannelure of a full metal jacket FMJ bullet.


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This type of crimp point prevents the bullet from being pushed back or dislodged which could otherwise cause a failure to fire or loss in accuracy. The FMJ projectile itself weighs in at grains for compatibility with most other AK and SKS ammo on the market, resulting in consistent point-of-impact and relatable recoil. The bullet's true copper jacket and basic lead core preclude any sparking or penetration that might get the ammo banned at an indoor range, allowing you to shoot your favorite rifle wherever you wish.

This round bulk case is best used for practice and drills against training targets. Find us on Facebook.

Find us on Instagram. Market Street Ste. Filter Options Quantity 15 1 20 20 40 4 9 1 11 1. Use Type home defense 9 hunting boar 3 hunting whitetail deer 3 indoor range shooting 2 plinking at the range 44 varmint hunting 8. Primer Type Berdan 38 Boxer 8. Condition New Stan's Picks.

Stan's Selections Most AK shooters are looking for cheap ammo they can get in bulk. Wolf 7. Home Rifle Ammo 7.